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Rare Antique Cutaway Mandolin, Regal? Bell Brand, N.M.S. Co

Item #: 381377886450

Auction Wizard 2000 Listing Template - AW2KLOT#:3659 This is a nice find, coming off a shelf in a persons private home. Unfortunately, it had been strung, and when I took it down, it has what looks li ...  More
Rare Vintage Strad-O-Lin (Stradolin) Guitar in Great Condition w/ case & strap

Item #: 252072972181

You are bidding on a vintage Stradolin accoustic guitar in great condition. Finish is good (couple little tiny blemishes-see photos). Guitar measures 34" long and comes in case with strap. Please see ...  More
Rare Color Gibson Epiphone MM-20 A Style Teardrop Mandolin Transparent Red

Item #: 161699387986

This is an Epiphone MM20 A-style mandolin. It is Trans Red in color. "The Ephiphone" is white on other mandolins; this one's headstock marking is gold in color. The headstock is black. There is no Epi ...  More
RARE? Beautiful Electric Laurel 8 string mandolin M5 M-5 RDS Single Pickup L@@K!

Item #: 151796787879

Please see ZOOMED pictures to determine the physical conditionUsed working item with some cosmetic imperfections. Some scuffs/light scratches, chipping on back bottom, and some imperfections on pick g ...  More
Rare Vintage CORT Teardrop Mandolin w Floral Decor 8 String Acoustic Guitar Wood

Item #: 311356608870

Rare Vintage CORT Teardrop Mandolin w Floral Decor 8 String Acoustic Guitar Dark Wood This mandolin / ukulele is pre-owned and in solid condition with very minor wear This has 8 strings, one of which ...  More
RARE Vintage Kroma Late 60's Solid Body Electric Mandolin Teardrop Shape White

Item #: 281786951802

Eastern European (possibly Romanian or Hungarian?) Cool white teardrop body Sleek design, straight neck Plays great, powerful sound Nicks on finish and body Cracks on finish, consistent with age and u ...  More
Rare OSCAR SCHMIDT Vintage Tremolina Mandolin patented Sept 1899

Item #: 281786953938

2 Vintage Bowlback Mandolin & Half A Case Projects Parts Lot Rare Antique

Item #: 400988527332

Michael M Iucci Mandolin 1910-1930 8 String RARE Morning Glories of New York

Item #: 121748344802

RARE! Gelas double-topped Mandolin, signed, made in Paris, 1929. HEAR IT!

Item #: 161812813940

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