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Marx Original Violin-Uke Used (Original Case)

Item #: 151683966454

This Violin-Uke is an original Marx Instrument, which was purchased in the late 1960s. I don't know what year this model is, but my guess would be the 1960s model. It comes with it's original case, wh ...  More
Pre-1900's Marx Violin-Uke in original box;5 sheets music, tuner

Item #: 111674142920

This is a 32-string Violin-Uke manufactured pre 1900's by Marx Instruments; Marxochime Colony, New Troy, Mich. and has an original price label inside that says "28.50". It comes in the original box wi ...  More
Antique Violin-uke Marxochime Colony Original Marx with bow, tuner, sheet Music

Item #: 291469015054

We are offering to you aAntique Violin-uke Marxochime Colony Original Marx with bow, tuner, sheet Music including tuning chart. It comes in its original box. It has one string that is broken, but can ...  More
Bow for Violin-uke or Pochette Bowed Psaltry etc

Item #: 251965186856

Up for auction is this new American Cherry and Horse-hair bow. It is sized as shown in the photos to be used best on a violin-uke or other small instrument. These also work well for bowed-psaltry or v ...  More
Vintage 1961 Violin-Uke by Marxochime Colony original case, bow, tuner, music

Item #: 251965956388

This instrument is a combination type instrument, combining strings that are played with a bow, like a violin, and other strings that are strummed, like a ukelele. These instruments were produced from ...  More
antique 1930s violin-uke made by marxochime colony

Item #: 201353799729

This is a violin-uke made by marxochime colony some time in the 1930. It comes with the bow, case, and finger pick. The case has a leather handle and is a bit worn in spots as seen by photos.
New Bow for Vielle, uke-lin, violin uke, dulcimer, guitar

Item #: 251967580017

Antique Vtg Violin Uke Instrument Marxochime Colony Conservatory quality

Item #: 381268309420

Violin-Uke Marxochime Colony New Troy Mich.

Item #: 121658737169

Vintage Original Marx Instrument Violin-Uke Original Paper Label Musical

Item #: 171784764071

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