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Wood Soprano Ukulele Guitar Sapele 12 Frets Instrument with Carry Bag

Item #: 152192118941

eBay Item Description Product description: This soprano ukulele has a beautiful finished to complete your performance and bring you enjoyable and fun. Also, It will give you a real pleasure. Why Choos ...  More
Beginners UKULELE MUSIC NOTE FRET STICKERS Children's Uke Label Decals + Lessons

Item #: 181421381078

eBay FRETNOTES helps you learn to play the ukulele and read music ... faster! Contents: one set of 13 Fretnote labels for SOPRANO UKULELE, STANDARD TUNING (G-C-E-A) also fits many concert and tenor Uk ...  More
Woodnote 21" Soprano Ukulele-Rosewood Fingerboard /Bridge+Bag+Free Clip-On Tuner

Item #: 321075771846

eBay Product Features New 21" Wooden Soprano Ukulele with 600D Material Carrying Case Equipped with Rosewood Fingerboard and Rosewood Bridge Upgraded Nylon Strings - Great Tension & Rich Sound Qua ...  More
ADM 21" Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack with, Strings, Gig bag, Tuner, Brown

Item #: 282084434101

eBay Pictures Description Product Features EASY TO PLAY - Selected basswood fingerboard and bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the frets freely on the nylon st ...  More
WOODNOTE Beautiful 21" Wooden Soprano Ukulele & Free Ukulele Bag

Item #: 120989341215

eBay Beautiful 21" Wooden Soprano Ukulele - Model: WK-200 - Ukulele Features: 1). Size : 21" Wooden Soprano Ukulele. ( Not ABS Plastic ) 2). Weight : Approx 1.5 LBS 3). The Ukulele Equipped with Rosew ...  More

Item #: 221164192635

eBay CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE NEW LASER ETCHED DESIGNS! You are looking at one new ukulele bundle, including: Kala KA-15S Ohana 10mm Heavy Duty Padded Bag Snark SN-5 Tuner OUR PRICE: $69.99 If you a ...  More
ADM 21" Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack with Gig bag, Strings,Tuner, Black

Item #: 281986763011

21" Wood Soprano Ukulele Guitar Sapele 12 Frets Hawaiian Instrument

Item #: 152192119386

WOODNOTE 21" Sweet Pink with Heart Hole Soprano Wooden Ukulele & Carrying Bag

Item #: 111224518389

Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Natural

Item #: 132234194754

New 23" MUH-506 Exquisite Zebra Wood Concert Ukulele Musical Instrument Guitar

Item #: 251992832890

New 26" Deluxe Protable Tenor Ukulele Hard Case Leather Black

Item #: 310715675042

Kmise Concert Ukulele Solid Spruce Ukelele Uke 23 inch 4 Sting Guitar w/ Gig Bag

Item #: 152025988615

Goplus 21" Acoustic Ukulele Musical Instrument Coffee High Quality Professional

Item #: 311449476845

Kmise 23 Inch Size Banjolele Concert 4 String Banjo Ukulele Uke Sapele for Gift

Item #: 201897246172

New 26" Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Hard Case Artificial Leather Yellow

Item #: 190878613948

ADM 21" Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack with Gig bag, Tuner, Brown

Item #: 162420557440

Kasch 23" MUH-507 Exquisite Rosewood Concert Ukulele Instrument Hawaiian Guitar

Item #: 252020388177

KALOS Ukulele Pineapple Soprano Concert Tenor + Gigbag

Item #: 350414203425

Kmise Soprano Ukulele Mahogany Ukelele Hawaii Guitar 21 inch with Gig Bag Strap

Item #: 192429221693

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